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Through prevention education and community engagement, we seek a future free of violence and homelessness.

Cedar Valley Friends of the Family provides an array of services to Northeast Iowa.

They had informed a former Mosaic employee about their plans to take her to hospital in Florida but their confidant called the police, according to court records.'Garry described...

how Bent was crying and screaming in pain and that the injuries were so bad that you could see fingerprint impressions on Bent's skin if someone touched her,' the court documents revealed.

Bent was born prematurely and suffers from cerebral palsy, so she cannot speak and is fed through a tube.

Her mum, Becky Bent-Weible, left her in the Eubanks' care after she turned 18 and visits her weekly.

The Eubanks waited until June 1, five days later, before sending her to the hospital, it is claimed.

According to court records they took her out of state to the Wesley Chapel Hospital in Florida, apparently because Katrina's sister-in-law worked as a nurse there.

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they let my daughter suffer.'Airionna was then transferred back to a hospital in Iowa, where she's healing from her third degree burns.

Police found a large bottle of Aloe Vera - typically used to soothe wounds - in the Eubanks' car and bleach as well as Epsom salt in their bathroom.

Cedar Valley Friends of the Family is a private 501(c)3 nonprofit providing crisis services to Northeast Iowa.

Its mission is to provide safe shelter, housing assistance, and confidential support to individuals and families affected by homelessness, domestic violence, and sexual assault.

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